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Friday, March 4, 2011

Julia from FTVGirls

Julia from FTVGirls 

A Swedish girl now living in the UK, managed to come down to the US so we can shoot her for FTV!  Lucky for us, Julia is very gorgeous, with one of the sexiest figures you’ve ever seen.  A glamour model who has been on the cover of Playboy and more… going as ‘hardcore’ as she ever will for a shoot.  At a resort, we watch her on a hot summer day go from fully clothed to completely naked, right there in that public place!  Julia gets the attention of a few people, but continues to strip down and give us some intimate views of that perfect form.  Getting all dirty from posing on location, she goes home to take a shower.  Lathering her body, we get closeups of her breasts, butt and feet, then watch her rub between her legs.  Pulling out a toy, Julia masturbates with the vibrator and her fingers… look at the pleasure on her face!  Then in some sexy black lingerie & heels, she does some breast massage, then gives us some extreme closeups of her private parts.  After lunch, in white heels and a cute see-through dress, she continues to tease us at another beautiful resort.  You just can’t get enough of that figure… and that smile!  Some spreads and fingering at this public place, then she goes completely naked so we can watch her walk the corridors in heels.   Back home, she pulls out a rabbit vibrator, masturbates with it, until she has a strong, natural orgasm!  It is her first orgasm ever on camera, and we were happy to make it happen :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Katie from FTVGirls


Pouty looking girl with full rosy lips, Katie looks like she should be playing the part of Snow White!  We watch her as she orders food at a restaurant, giving us upskirt views.  She then goes to the restroom, and masturbates with a cucumber!  Back home, she teases her body with a light massage of her breasts & butt, then goes to the bed to masturbate.  She uses the ‘magic wand’ — a strong vibrator that gets her to a strong orgasm.  Watch her private parts get wet as her juices build up over time.  Then in just a trench coat and boots, she heads over to the train tracks, and catches the attention of track employees as she masturbates right there with her fingers!  When a train arrives, Katie flashes the passengers…  Then in a cute white top & panties, she strips down and stuffs her panties deep inside until they go missing!  In a purple dress, we see how flexible she is as she does the splits, then with a rather large and super thick dildo, she gives it a deep ride.  Since she can stretch her legs so wide, she can take it all down on the floor…

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FTV Girls Francis

Francis from FTVGirls 

This cute girl wanted to do FTV, a total first timer with no experience getting naked whatsoever.  She was very shy about the experience, and wasn’t even sure if she could masturbate on camera.  After meeting her on a hiking trail, she flashes on location, then does an interview.  She tries masturbating with a vibrator, but its difficult for her to come to a real orgasm on camera.  She reminds us of the Harry Potter actress Emma Watson…

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alanna from FTVGirls

Alanna from FTVGirls

One of our favorite total First Time Video girls, exclusive to FTV has returned… for more public adventure and squirting action! Always a sporty beginning, we watch Alanna on a skateboard, going around topless at the park. Finding a less populated area, she takes her pants off and starts masturbating with two vibrators. Two orgasms later, she’s squirted all over her skateboard! Not as shy as she used to be, she runs around the park completely naked and climbs a tree. Going home, she cleans up in a bubble bath, giving us some foot fetish action, then some breast & butt massage. She even fingers her butt! Masturbating again, the juices really start to flow, as she explodes with milky juices when Alanna pulls out her toy and squirts! After a topless interview at a restaurant, she walks a busy street topless. Then we see her in sexy black lingerie and heels, pushing three & four fingers into herself in preparation for the Big Ten Toy! She rides it slow and deep, taking most of it in, but its just too big for her! Then her boyfriend steps in with the Long Pink Toy, and pounds her hard until she orgasms with another squirt while she’s upside down! Then for our Halloween special, we get to see her in a cute Strawberry Shortcake outfit, and even hotter, a referee outfit with black stockings and heels. Alanna masturbates and squirts several times, once ‘in your face’ right on the videographer! She even tries some double-toy play… Enjoy her once again, exclusive to FTV.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Courtney - Porcelain Teen


This beautiful teen is having her first time adult experience, getting naked for us and doing a whole lot more… She’s got a great figure, perfect full butt, with large firm natural breasts.  That soft porcelain skin as well…  Watching her walking at a resort in a sexy dress & heels, she rather quickly gets naked (its hot outside!) and starts playing with herself.  Her sexy figure is hot to watch as she gives us all the views we like.  Back home, she tries on some cute bras & panties, then starts fingering herself.  Using her own special vibrator, she has a nice, natural orgasm.  We discover that she does like anal play too… so using a glass toy, she penetrates herself anally, then uses a vibrator on her clit.  Double penetrating herself, you see milky white juices come out as she enjoys the whole experience!  Out at lunch she flashes at a restaurant, as well as a public water fountain — watch those big breasts bounce!  Giving herself a breast & butt massage at home, she does something very kinky… using her rather large curling iron as a toy!  Penetrating herself deep, we watch the action at a sexy angle.  Reading a book in her glasses, we get another look at her body, and then some extreme closeups of her private parts as she plays with herself down there.  Then she experiments with the Vibraking toy, and we watch as her juices build up again, and start to drip down… Enjoy this fresh-faced teen, she’s another total First Time Video Girl :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rilee and Sara together on FTVGirls


Supercute petite teen Rilee has her best friend, Sara, who also wanted to do FTV… so why not bring her over with her??  To find out that they have experienced each other before, being both girls’ first time with another girl, why not do it for the camera as well?  Just like Rilee, Sara is a total First Time Video Girl, who has never even been naked on camera before.  We catch them being fun teens at a mall and water fountain, before the start making out in public, catching peoples’ attention!  The go to a department store, and videotape each other flashing, and going into a changeroom to get even more frisky and explicit.  Out on the street, they take their shirts off, walk around in their bras, and suck on each others’ breasts.  Undressing each other in the pink room, they finger and go down on each other, giving mutual pleasure.  Out at a restaurant, they start making out again, and fondling their breasts…  We then see them in sexy dresses & heels, looking leggy and super hot!  Rilee takes charge and seduces Sara, before reversing the role.  Rilee is milky wet!  Going for toys, they use several vibrators, bringing each other to orgasm.  Rilee especially likes to use that red dildo!  Playful and naked, they start a pillow fight, then cuddle and play with each others’ sexy butts.  Some extreme closeups and labia play… Out for some ice cream, they make out at the ice cream store, then go home and do some more finger-banging.  Then its time to cool down at the pool, watching these girls go from bikinis to no clothes at all…  Enjoy these two real life girlfriends and bi-curious FTVGirls!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Morgan - Supershy Tease

Morgan from FTVGirls 

Cute, tiny, and most importantly, busty… Morgan is a shy first timer having her first nude & masturbation experience, here on FTV.  We first spot her at the pool, as she plays with her full, firm natural breasts, taking off her bikini top for more hard breast play.  Drying herself off, Morgan goes indoors and masturbates with her vibrator, until she has a nice, natural orgasm.  Gets pretty milky wet!  Her boyfriend then plays with her breasts, giving them a very hard and intense breast massage.  Pulling out the Big Ten Toy, the boyfriend uses it on her in doggy style, pushing it as deep as it goes into her petite body!  Looks as big as her arm… Out at a resort, she’s in a cute black dress & heels, then goes topless and gets played with some more.  Using a large glass toy, she’s penetrating herself again (the toy barely fits!) and she starts leaking juices everywhere!  The milky juices drip down her leg and leave a puddle behind.  Her boyfriend tries the toy on her in doggy style.  Then she’s at a park bench near the street, posing nude for us, risking getting caught…

Friday, October 16, 2009

Brianne - Sexual Energy

Brianne from FTVGirls 

She’s always loves to get naked, and she finally got the guts to try it on camera!  Lucky for us, this First Time Video Girl decides to do it for FTV, and wow, what a spunky personality!  Watching Brianne jog by a canal, she gets butt naked, and runs around, also giving us peeks between her legs while stretching.  She then starts fingering herself hard, and all while people are jogging by!  Going home, she picks a vibrator and continues the hard penetration, then tries out the Big Pink Toy!  The thing is the size of her arm, but she takes it surprisingly deep.  The best part is, she loves it!  At one point surprising us both by squirting on orgasm.  She’s very vocal about her experiences, and shares it with us in her energetic, spunky manner.  Then in a bikini, she masturbates again, using the same toy combination for more hard penetration until she’s too sore to continue!  At a restaurant, she continues to have fun flashing her breasts and licking cream off of them.  She’s then wearing a very sexy black dress & heels, and does a dance to her favorite music.  It turns into a striptease, until Brianne is completely naked.  Then she has the most amazing experience with the Vibraking Toy!  It puts her in such a crazy, multi-orgasmic state and squirts multiple times!  Being so wet, she attempts to push five fingers inside her, and continues the hard finger penetration.  Enjoy one of the most energetic girls to appear on FTV, and enjoy Brianne's Total First Time Experience!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brigitte - Total Orgasmic Experience

Brigitte from FTVGirls

This gorgeous sultry teen is a total First Time Video girl! Brigitte goes from a first time experience using a vibrator to having non-stop orgasms throughout the shoot! Gorgeous, with a sexy, fit and athletic form, we tend to notice that perfect butt first! Full lips, beautiful eyes, and guess what… she’s got braces too! After an introductory interview, she is warmed up with some stripping down in the clothes she came with, then letting her show off some of her assets (beautiful breasts, butt). She also has talent! As a former cheerleader, Brigitte is extremely flexible, and does some acrobatics both indoors and outside in the most public of places… without anything on! In a very sexy dress & heels, she does more teasing and upskirt, then fingers herself until a security guard shows up. At home she has a first time experience with a vibrator, and she loves it! She can’t seem to stop, and has multiple orgasms (some very strong & rapid vaginal contractions!). We get some extreme closeup views, as well as toy penetration. In the cutest white dress, she flashes at a restaurant, then goes bottomless at a bank, and does more cartwheels in public… naked! Then she attempts the extreme — the Big Ten Toy. Brigitte from FTVGirls takes it very deep! However, its just a little too big for her, so she moves to two vibrators instead. The double toy action (the toys get double-penetrated!) gets her off even more, and she can’t seem to stop masturbating. In fact, the photographer had to interrupt her after her 6th orgasm! We then watch her do a sexy breast and butt massage, all in her fine black lingerie and heels. Then comes the ultimate toy: The Vibraking. This most powerful vibrator becomes the love of her life, as she uses it with such intensity, that she actually shocked us both, and squirted all over! Another total First Time Experience for her, she had never squirted in her life. At least a dozen orgasms in one day, this beautiful, sultry and super-sexual teen is only here for you, exclusively on FTV :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Taylor from FTVGirls

Taylor Vixen from FTVGirls

This busty cutie comes from Dallas, Texas, and she’s got that girl-next-door look… Looking like an innocent cutie at a old town area, she flashes her breasts when she can, but not without catching peoples’ attention! More breast views at a park, then stripping down to her undies for more sexy views. Not an exhibitionist, but more a girl who is comfortable in the nude, and she loves to show off those full, firm breasts! Back home, Taylor uses a vibrator to masturbate naked, and has a strong, natural orgasm. We get some extreme closeups of the penetration. Then with some cream, she gives her big breasts a hard massage, squeezing them and shaking them in all the erotic angles. She’s in the bed, and we check out her curvaceous body — and in a voyeuristic way, watch her masturbate to another strong orgasm. She spreads for us in detail, and gaping her private parts, and shows us how tight she is by holding the toy inside her. She then puts on some sexy purple lingerie, poses for us, and heads to the pool. There she tries on a cute green swimsuit, and plays with her breasts some more. Using her favorite toy, she masturbates again, and has another strong orgasm. Not too crazy, not too wild, but a well-mannered and genuine girl for FTV :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wendy and Devaun - Lovers in Phoenix

Wendy and Devaun from FTVGirls - Lovers in Phoenix 

These two local FTV-only girls are also real life lovers, who met at a club a year ago…  So its about time we pair them for a girl-girl shoot!  We meet them around the nightclub area with several other girls, and watch them get affectionate in public!  Making out, then rubbing each other, all in front of office entry areas, until they are forced to leave by a security guard.   At home, in their sexy club wear, they undress each other, suck on each others’ breasts, and go down on each other, fingering to orgasm.  Intimate views of the action throughout.  Next day, by the pool, they continue their lesbian play, this time without any direction, doing it their way like they’d do it in their personal life.  Call it amateur style lesbianism, Wendy and Devaun are normal girls who do it for fun!  Beautiful eyes, sexy bodies, and a lot of desire.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lisa - Make Me Squirt

Lisa from FTVGirls 

She is even hotter than before!  Leggy, toned, sexy body, with a supercute face, and she still loves to orgasm and squirt!  Meeting up with Lia, she does some nude posing in the sexy jeans & t-shirt she came with, then tries on several different outfits for Lia.  Outdoors, in a cute green summer dress, she starts rubbing and fingering herself, turning herself on, then heads over to the glass table, and finds her favorite vibrator ready.  The toy makes Lisa go through extreme orgasms, more than we could count… and she started squirting all over the glass table!  A second view of the action under the table give another perspective…  Once satisfied, she plays with her juices, writing her name in it, pressing her breasts in it, and licking it up!  After fooling around with Lia, she then does another sexy photoshoot, that leads to some ’s&m’ with nipple clamps, which she also uses on her long pussy lips, to make them stretch further.  With a set of 4 ‘ben-wa’ balls, she starts stuffing them inside, then letting them dangle and pull out in a series of hot photos & video.  Finally, half naked, Lisa brings out her favorite vibrator again, and proceeds to masturbate for another few orgasms… in the front yard!  Her juices squirt out, caught by the camera, and she is a very happy girl once again!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Capri - Spontaneous Delight

Capri from FTVGirls - Spontaneous Delight

From the moment we spot her at the makeup counter at the mall, we know she’s totally spontaneous! Flashing her breasts to everyone’s suprise, and getting away with a lot more exposure throughout the mall! With security on her tail, its time to go home… and masturbate! She has several strong orgasms, and even squirts a little! The vibrator works well for her, and we take her to the balcony, so she can squirt away… to one big wet orgasm that wets the whole floor! She is so gorgeous, and so sexy… a true delight for us FTV fans. From the round firm breasts, to the perfectly shaped butt, she massages them hard and spreads for us in the most intimate detail possible. There’s extreme closeups of her silky smooth private parts spread in every which way. At the kitchen, in just her sexy heels, this leggy girl finds a champagne bottle to ride, then pounds herself with it feeling that head go in deep… even takes her twizzlers and use it as a toy before eating! At a restaurant, she talks about herself topless, and flashes some more… then goes home to put her hair up for some sexy panty & mirror shots. With another two vibrators, she masturbates again, for another squirting and orgasm session. Notice the very strong contractions where it almost looks like her vagina is talking to you! She tries to cover up the squirting but it flows everywhere…

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lara - Mature is Sexy

Lara from FTVGirls - Mature is Sexy

Following those long legs to a very sexy body, we check out this modelesque woman walk through a resort. We get to peek up her skirt as she bends over, then watch her play with her breasts when the coast is clear. She finds a water fountain, and plays barefoot, cooling herself down. Then finding a vibrator, she masturbates in this rather public place to a nice, natural orgasm. Catching the attention of some people — risking security, she heads over to another remote spot to get completely naked for us. We get some extreme closeups of her swollen clit… Later that night, she experiments with the extreme… and fists herself! Hard and deep, she gets rather turned on by it all. On the next day, she’s showing us her athletic form while jogging by the canal. Going topless for the part of the run, she shows us how frisky she can get! Stopping under the overpass, she masturbates to orgasm all the while joggers & bikers pass by! Back home, she strips in front of a full length mirror, and examines herself… leading to another masturbation that has an even stronger orgasm. At a restaurant, she is interviewed, and of course — she flashes her breasts as the other patrons see. Then through the eyes of a guest photographer, we watch her pose in sexy black lingerie and heels, then do one final sexy masturbation in the bathroom with her lingerie still on. She gets rather milky & juicy on this orgasm! Mature & Sexy all in one package!

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